Chiropractic Electrotherapy

Chiropractic Electrotherapy is a method of chiropractic care that utilizes electrical impulses to treat a variety of debilitating discomforts. During electrotherapy, electrodes are placed on the skin in the affected area that send electrical pulses to those targeted areas of the body with the purpose of reducing inflammation, curtailing muscle spasms and relieving back and muscle pain.

Although commonly used in conjunction with other therapies, electrotherapy pain relief is an effective tool on its own to reduce the pain and swelling associated with muscular injuries. Chiropractor electrical stimulation is also effective in increasing muscle tone due to atrophy, increasing circulation in the muscles, and triggering the pain relieving endorphins to the affected area.

chiropractic electrotherapy
chiropractic electrotherapy

Calvanese Chiropratic is the place where you can visit when you need the best Chiropractic care. Dr. John Calvanese has been the leading and certified chiropractor who is located in Lauderhill, Florida. Most of the patients who have been seeking their Chiropractic care services have been satisfied by their excellent quality of work. Dr. John Calvanese with the Calvanese Chiropractic staff have been offering Broward and Dade County resident’s effective and personalized Chiropractic care in the last 30 years. When you choose us, we will ensure that you get the best chiropractic care in order to maintain our reputation in the city.

What services does Calvanese Chiropratic offer?
Chiropractic Adjustments: We have Chiropractic adjustments such as chiropractic electrotherapy that are fundamental parts of the Chiropractic care method.

· Ultrasound: We use Chiropractic ultrasound that is an effective method used when treating a wide range of discomforts and injuries.

· Electrotherapy: We use  electrotherapy pain relief that is a safe treatment to effectively relieve you from extreme pain.

· Decompression Traction: We offer Chiropractic Decompression therapies that aims at relieving excess pressure on vertebrae and disks in the spine and neck.

· Cold Laser: We will use Chiropractic Cold Laser treatment that is highly effective at helping the tissues of the body to regenerate and speeding up the whole process of healing.

· Massage: We use Chiropractic massage and chiropractic electrotherapy as effective treatments to help you stress release while helping you relax.

Why choose Calvanese Chiropratic?
We use electrotherapy pain relief technology to make sure that you as a patient get the best alternatives whenever you need a solution for your health. All patients have been hiring us since we are the best and is conveniently located in Lauderhill, Florida. We offer chiropractic treatments that ranges from infants to even the elderly. We will make sure we do provide you the services that you would need especially when you need our chiropractic electrotherapy services.

Whether your injuries from slip and fall, an auto accident, sports injury, work accident, or anything in between, we will ensure that we do our best to restore your ability. You can always count on Calvanese Chiropractic since we are the best in the city. We will help you to get you back on the track by living pain free life once again without medications and surgery.

We have many satisfied patients whom we have helped whenever they need our chiropractic care services. When you do hire us, we will make sure that we do provide you with the quality work that will make you regain your physical appearance whenever you need us.

In terms of our charges, we will always ensure that you have the best prices whenever you need us. We have been among the people whom you can hire whenever you need excellent chiropractic care in Lauderhill, Florida. We will help you save some money.

In conclusion, visit Calvanese Chiropratic today since the experts will use their experience to ensure that you do get the care that you really need.