electrotherapy for treating back pain

Electrotherapy Benefits For Treating Back Pain

Throughout the years, many people have been reliant on conventional medications and treatments in order to cure and relieve a wide range of body diseases and body discomforts that they suffer from. At present, however, more and more individuals have become open to trying out alternative methods of remedy for pain and other diseases.

Electrotherapy is one of those alternative treatments that is steadily gaining popularity.
While it has been in use for over a hundred years now, the benefits of this type of treatment have been gaining a massive amount of interest only recently. Today there are more people wanting to explore the different types of treatment out there.

So how does electrotherapy exactly work? As the name goes, electricity is used in order to treat certain conditions that a person may suffer from. This type of treatment is said to be very effective in treating pain.

But isn’t getting electrocuted very painful and potentially deadly? In this treatment, the electrical charge is delivered to the body is relatively small and controlled, giving you a treatment that is not very painful at all. The most that an individual receiving treatment would feel is a mild stinging sensation after the treatment.

There are a number of varying types of electrotherapy, including Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Interferential Current and Galvanic Stimulation. While each of these treatments has their own specific processes, the bottom line of these treatments is the delivery of electrical charges to the nerves and muscles in order to relieve pain.

There are some risks involved with the treatment though, so a medical professional who is experienced with electrotherapy should be the one to perform the treatment. A lot of people who suffer from back pain as well as cervical pain turn to electrotherapy in order to get relief from their suffering. Along with the electrical stimulation treatment, there are also other methods incorporated in order to better give pain relief to a client.

In order to treat cervical pain and other problems, a Saunders Cervical Traction is also widely used. This device includes a comfortable headrest for proper and comfortable cervical support. Also included is a pneumatic hand pump that can deliver around 50 lbs. of traction. What this machine does is it gently pulls on the neck area to straighten the bones which may have misaligned a little bit. This bad positioning of the neck bones can be the cause of pain and discomfort for some.

With this traction device, along with the proven pain-relieving effects of electrotherapy, clients who are suffering from cervical pains can receive clinic quality treatment in the comfort of their own home. In fact, this combination of treatments is so effective that some cases which initially needed surgery do not need to undergo the pain and stress from an operation.
Pain management and regaining some or all of your independence will be discussed with you honestly and professionally. We assess and treat symptoms and conditions such as back and neck pain, weakness and numbness, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and whiplash with soft tissue treatments, mobilization of joints as needed, and electrotherapy. Our medical staff includes chiropractors and massage therapists.

After one visit, you’ll see just how dedicated we are to getting you back to functioning at your previous level of mobility with the least amount of pain and discomfort. At the same time, we’ll be assisting with conditions that are common when an injury is sustained or symptoms develop such as, depression, anxiety, mood or personality changes in both children and adults.

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Why You Should Visit A Chiropractor If You Have Hip Pain

Why You Should Visit A Chiropractor If You Have Hip Pain

Subluxation of the spine causes leg pain and hip pain. This can lead to irritation of the nerves, muscle cramps, and pain. Hips and legs provide support for the whole body and give stability, versatility, quality, and adaptability. This is the reason why a considerable amount of weight is present in these parts of the body. Because of the location where the spine is connected to the pelvis, the hip pain is often confused with back pain hence know Why you should visit a chiropractor if you have hip pain.

The hip is a ball and attachment joint where the hipbone interacts with the thighbone. Cartilage separates the two bones and it behaves like a pad with the goal that the bones do not rub against each other. Especially now that this cartilage is worn out, there is swelling and pain and this leads to hip pain. This condition is commonly referred to as arthritis.

One reason for leg pain and hip pain may not be the correct posture and sitting for a significant amount of time. These activities can cause a cracked or slipped circle. Cracks take place in the intervertebral circle and the sensitive focus licks. Slipped Circle occurs when the plate presses on unstable tissue and causes pain. Weakness in the legs, sciatica, and death are caused because the swimmer pushes against the spinal nerve. It may be necessary to implement a medical strategy to expel the material of the collapsed circle if the breakage is large and not effectively handled.

The fracture or sprain causes pain again and again. Usually, the fracture only occurs in more mature individuals who fall and have osteoporosis. After a leg or hip fracture, you may notice swelling, stiffness, limited versatility, and death. If you think you have broken a leg or a hip, you should go to a doctor soon. Sprains are not exceptional and should rather be treated by a specialist with the aim of not causing any real blue damage. Hip pain can be frustrating. They want to go, but it only hurts to sit or stand. Certified hip pain can be highly debilitating. Patients with endless hip pain will regularly get the hip medical strategy. The spine sits on the pelvis and the pelvis sits on its legs. The concave area where the pelvis meets the legs is called the acetabulum. The femur or long bone of the thigh sits in the acetabulum. Hip pain is caused from time to time by a subluxation of the femoral head.

The main cause of your leg and hip pain can be controlled by a chiropractor. In general, these problems can be treated with the help of adjustments to the spine. At Calvanese Chiropractic, we will also give you advice on activities aimed at stabilizing and rehabilitating misaligned and damaged spinal structures. Working habits, posture, and nutrition are also examined and analyzed. This is because you need to identify and fix the root cause of the problem to completely fix the problem. In this sense, if you have hip pain or leg pain, you should contact us for a consultation and appointment at (954) 742-7882.

Effective Chiropractic Exercises for Lower Back Pain

It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives. For most of us, this can be an annoying burden that can keep us from performing well on everyday activities. Fortunately, chiropractic exercises can be a great way to deal with this problem naturally and help prevent occurrences in the future. Here are 4 simple yet effective chiropractic exercises for lower back pain.

Exercise 1: Hip stretch and outer thigh
Step 1: Lie on the back
Step 2: Place the right foot on the outside of the left knee
Step 3: Push your right knee to the right against the resistance of your assistant
Step 4: Hold the position and slowly count to eight
Step 5: Relax
Step 6: Have the resistant pull your right knee to the left. This will stretch the outside right buttock and hip muscles
Step 7: Repeat with the left foot on the outside of the right knee
Note: You should do this exercise at least six to eight times on each side.

Exercise 2: Enhancing low back
Step 1: Lie flat on your stomach with palms up and arms alongside your body
Step 2: Slowly raise the chest from the ground
Step 3: Feel your low back muscles tighten
Step 4: Hold up your chest from the floor and slowly count to four
Step 5: Slowly let your chest down
Step 6: Rest about 10 to 15 seconds between each session and repeat the exercises at least six times

Exercise 3: Strengthening buttock muscle
Step 1: Lie flat on the stomach and put your chin on the hands
Step 2: Turn the left foot out
Step 4: Tighten your buttock muscle, then raise the left leg off the floor and keep your knee straight.
Step 5: Hold this position and slowly count to four
Step 6: Slowly let down your leg
Step 7: Repeat the exercise about six times with the left leg

Exercise 4: Strengthening abdominal
Step 1: Lie flat on the back
Step 2: Bend the knees with the feet flat on the ground
Step 3: Put your hands behind your head or cross the arms over the chest to support the neck and head
Step 4: Flatten the spine against the ground
Step 5: Contract your abdominal muscles to raise your shoulders off the ground. Feel your abdominal muscles tighten and contract
Step 6: Slowly raise your shoulders upward until the abdominal muscles get tightened
Step 7: Relax your abdominal muscles
Step 8: Let your shoulders return to the floor
Repeat the exercise as many times as you can

So, whether you have back pain due to an accident or sedentary lifestyle, you can count on Calvanese Chiropractic to get you back on track and living a pain-free life once again, without medications and surgery. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to give you the best chiropractic treatments and exercises that are effective and personalized.

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Treatment For Bone Spurs Without Surgery

Bone spurs are defined as the projections that mostly develop on the edges of bones. These bony projections often occur in the place where the bones meet or in the spine. The most common reason for development of bone spurs is damage in the joints that is often associated with the development of arthritis in the bones.

There are very many treatments that can be implemented to cure the bone spurs. However, the most common is surgery, even though it is a bit more expensive. This is because it is believed to be the only effective treatment for bone spurs. However, it may also lead to development of other problems or slow healing.

While many of the people that have had surgeries for bone spurs have healed fast, factors like high blood pressure, health conditions, age and even diabetes can have a negative impact. These conditions in addition to others can lead to slowed healing and even the development of other complications in the body.

It is due to these negative possibilities that there as need to develop other approaches to treat bone spurs. Today, there are a few other alternatives that can be used to correct and even treat bone spurs that do not involve surgeries. Here are some of these alternative methods of correcting bone spurs:

Medications and prescriptions
This is one of the alternative methods for correcting bone spurs. In most cases, these alternative methods are used when the patients have mild symptoms and can heal without surgeries. Some of the medications that can be given to alleviate the condition include anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medications and muscle relaxants for a period of 1-2 months.

Sometimes the patient may be prescribed to take a lot of rest for the muscles. This is because the symptoms of the bone spurs may manifest when the body has been in constant pressure, leading to inflammation and therefore the manifestation of the symptoms. In such a case, rest is required so that the inflammation can subside on its own.

Rehabilitation therapy
This is done after an approximate period of 1-2 weeks of physical therapy. During this time, exercises and chiropractic adjustments can be made. These are attempts to restore the posture of the body structure, improving the flexibility and strength of the back and neck. These adjustments can also be done to alleviate the pressure on the joints hence reduce the inflammation. However, it is important that consultations with the doctor are made before the adjustments start.

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Rehab for Lower Back

Behind the scenes at Calvanese Chiropractic. Julia the patient, recently got into a auto accident. Dr. J.T. is giving the patient Julia exercises to rehab her lower back.

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Taking X-Rays

Behind the scenes at Calvanese Chiropractic. Julia the patient, recently got into a auto accident. Dr. J.T. is taking the patients x-rays.

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Neck Strengthening Exercises

Behind the scenes at Calvanese Chiropractic. Julia the patient, recently got into a auto accident. Dr. J.T. is giving the patient Julia neck strengthening exercises as part of her rehab.

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Let The Adjustment Begin

Behind the scenes at Calvanese Chiropractic. Julia the patient, recently got into a auto accident. Dr. J.T. is starting the adjustment.

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